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I think the perfect time to migrate to another country is if it necessary. I think you don't need to migrate if you are contented with your country you are into and if there's nothing wrong your country like wars of what so ever that can cause of your


It is very difficult for one to know whether migration is really the best thing to do, whether the best time to do it is now, tomorrow or in any other day. In deciding whether to migrate, the persons close to you should also be considered. Some of them may already be contented in the current lifestyle and may not be able to leave their place


I think it is important to migrate in early stages in life. Especially if you are migrating to foreign country where you have to learn language. However, migrating as life experienced individual has it's own benefits too. So, any time can be perfect


I think that there is no wrong or perfect time to migrate to another country. It all depends on you and your options; meaning that you decide where and when you wanna migrate, your finances dictate to where you can go cause some of the countries have higher standards and you need more to survive.
Anyway, its always good to have a background

The Most Underrated Jobs In The World

The Most Underrated Jobs In The World

We often see articles listing the best jobs in the world, or the jobs that makes the most money. But we don't usually see the jobs that are most often overlooked by people. We listed the jobs that are very valuable but are mostly overlooked. Let us know which of

Legendary Apple Engineer Gets Rejected For Genius Bar Job

Does age matter? Am I overqualified for this job? What kind of things that you want me to contribute to the company based on the resume that I submit?

That is a kinda question that I always ask the person who's breathing on the other side of the table from me.

Even if I overqualified and willing to get a job for fun with less pay (just to

Perfect time to migrate to another country

Photo courtesy of the Economist publications through ILO;OECD.

Given the bleak future faced by many, it is little surprise that 40% of 15-29-year-olds in Africa, eastern Europe and Latin America would countenance a permanent move abroad.

Maybe this is a sign of a perfect time to migrate to another country. As you


Zippie -69213463

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Job-hopping: Millennial's best economic trend (No, seriously)

Yup! They do not care about salaries anymore but opportunities to become better. Why? Because in this tight market, skills are much more important compared to money. When the mindset think that having a better skill will make more money eventually, millennial will make most of the job as a stepping stone to the next one until they find out that



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