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Zippie -69213463

Dear Sir Madam
Very good morning to you i am from Tika Travel & Tour base in Kathmandu Nepal . i am doing man power supply to world wide so that if you need any types of necessary skilled and non skilled need from Nepal please contact me .
With Best Regards,
Anil Ratna Tuladhar " Newa "
Tika Travel & Tour
Sky pe

Job-hopping: Millennial's best economic trend (No, seriously)

Yup! They do not care about salaries anymore but opportunities to become better. Why? Because in this tight market, skills are much more important compared to money. When the mindset think that having a better skill will make more money eventually, millennial will make most of the job as a stepping stone to the next one until they find out that



Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are a reputed Recruitment Company from Viet Nam - VIETNAM LABOUR SERVICES

We supply all kinds of workers with the best quality from Vietnam to UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain.... with the following categories:

* Construction Industries: Asphalts, Carpenters, Electrician, Form worker, Fitter, Masons, Painters, Steel

Recruitment agencies wanted from Ghana

I have domestic manpower recruitment office here in Ghana.Am looking for a manpower recruitment agencies in the Middle East or Gulf countries,especially recruiter that can recruit strong energetic both skilled and unskilled,semi-skilled from Ghana here to any other countries based on contract sponsorship jobs.please contact or wassupp me

5 Signs It's Time for a New Job

1. You are not learning anymore.
2. You are under performing your job.
3. You feel that you are undervalued.
4. You are just working for the money.
5. You hate your


Reinventing your career

It is never too late to start something new. Age is never a problem when you know you'll be happy with the result of your decision, especially if the question at hand refers to your career. Some people make some huge switch on their career, something that is vastly different from their original one. From chef who became an astronaut, an adult


General Clerk

Q: What type of job are you looking for?

A: I'm looking for any clerical job such as; General Clerk or admin staff or an encoder

Q: What field do you currently work in?

A: I'm working now as a General Clerk

Q: What qualifications do you hold?

A: Well i can do multi tasking job and can

Looking for new opportunities :) and job H2B visa

Looking for new opportunities :) and job H2B visa. I have the 1st master's degree and the 2nd bachelor's degree in management and international economics. Worked as project and purchasing manager, currently self employed I have touristic agency. My hobbies: yoga, handmade, traveling, swimming, cycling.

kugan Address:=karnavai jaffna Dath of

kugan Address:=karnavai jaffna Dath of birth:=1996.06.18 Sex:=Male NIC:=921333521v Telephone No:=0750409421, 0212263629 Result:= G.C.E(O/L)= SAIVANERI=A TAMIL=A HISTORY=A HEA&PHYEDU=A GEDGRAPHY=B MATHEMATICS=C SCIENCE=C ENGLISH=S G.C.E(A/L)= BIOLOGY=S PHYSICS=- CHEMISTRY=- CIVIL ENGNEERING(NCT)(1ST YEAR)

I have done my Master's in Islamyat

I have done my Master's in Islamyat. Master's in International Relations. MBA MArketing. i would love to live and work in Madina. and to be Khadim of Masjid-e- Nabvi. I have interest to read all kinds of information books, newspapers etc. Football is my favorite game & like swimming as well.
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