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Half of Millennials hiring cleaners as they are 'too busy' to clean one-bed flats

Well, you could tell that these millennial are too busy on their study or working for other people in the company. In this economy, you will have to work hard to make money otherwise you will no survive the downturn.

But, this could be interpreted as a lousy immigration issue since most of the blue collar workers are filled with immigrants


Jobs: Do you want to fight hackers and cyber terrorists? How to work for GCHQ

Well, apparently GCHQ is having the same problem like US federal agency. They can't find a qualified hacker who can track down black hat hacker. Of course, those hacker can't work in a corporate style organizational structure moreover a government agency.

Just in case anyone interested, here's the link: //l[2]. Of course it's on her majesty

Most in demand workers in the UK

IT, healthcare, engineering, construction, human resources, marketing and finance workers are the most in demand workers in the United Kingdom for 2015 if the Government's Shortage Occupations List will be based upon. The UK's unemployment figure dropped by 35,000 in 2015 after the economy came out of recession mode in most


How pregnancy can cost you your job and career

In most countries, women employees expecting a baby are given obligatory leaves and benefits. Companies are required to hire them back. And while most companies will comply, the attitude of the company bosses towards them are not always pleasant, especially when you have just returned back to work and needing flexibility with the work load and


Driverless cars to create 320,000 UK jobs

By the year 2030, the United Kingdom hopes to create around 320,000 additional jobs, most of which will be in the automotive sector. The UK is pursuing its plan to use driverless cars in hopes of lessening the number of road-related deaths as well as paving the way to automation of the transportation

Doodle Cruise Vacancies

EMAIL RESUME TO RECRUITING OFFICER Mr. Gideon Bradley: doodlecruise@[deleted].com if you want to work in a cruise ship based in UK. We seek workers from all area of life including Deckhand, chef, bar-tender, cook, waiter/waitress, Stewart, casino dice dealer, casino receptionist, accountant/purser, deck security officer, janitor, baby sitter, OOW,

Looking for a new direction, different life and fun.

Hiya, OK, I am looking for adventure, even danger, something that is stimulating and will push my buttons, stretch my mind and intellect way past it's present boundaries. I need a totally new job, a completely fresh start, an exciting lifestyle to enjoy. My time, social included, will be dedicated to executing our plan to reap the rewards ! I

hgv driver available

hi looking for european hgv 1 work im 41 have nearly 20 yrs experience uk and europe mainly spain if any companies out there need a good reliable driver then please get in touch


Hi I. am 55 yrs Old, Clean HGV1 Licence With Digi Card And CPC Card. 23 yrs European Driving Exp. Looking For HGV European Driving

Required Retail and Distribution Job in Consumer Durable products.

I am S.Sivakumar, Male, Indian, Aged 46, Married.Now i am working as Senior Marketing Manager and Retail/Wholesale Sales Manager of Consumer Electronics and Appliances of Consumer durable .Now I am working in a Limited Concern, Kottayam , Kerala State, India. I am Post graduate and Bachelor of Education holder.Basically, i am a Post Graduate
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