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Housemaid Needed

We are a manpower agency in Kuwait currently hiring housemaid, house cook/keeper, sitter and other positions.
Great benefit and salaries.
Contact info: +965 6774 8284
+1210 883 5274 on

We R Recruitment agency in Kuwait

We need house maids from Madagascar

Recruiting qualified transportation and warehousing manpower for your company's growth

Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) is dedicated to offering offshore laborforce services, one of which is transportation and warehousing manpower.
Our transportation workers have been satisfying skill demands from such well-known companies as Abdullah A. M. Al-Khodari Sons Company, Hassan Hadi Abdullah.
Likewise, we


4 steps to achieve better work-life balance

A lot of people spend a lifetime pursuing career success without realizing that it doesn't necessarily guarantee a happy life until they retire. Work-life balance helps us to become healthier, enjoy happier life and even work more productively than usual. So, how to achieve work-life balance?
One day you suddenly realize that your work has


Is social media killing the recruitment agencies?

Accompany with the increase in hiring and connecting directly from employers to candidates, there are some controversy arguments about what if these new recruitment ways will destroy Agency Recruiters like a natural selection?
With more than 10 million of applicants found their jobs through LinkedIn and 427,000 CVs have posted every week on


Job sharing: The next trend in the "share economy"

With the development of collaborative consumption and rising of the Empires like Uber, Airbnb, where people could take advantage of something they are not using such as a car, house to a stranger rents. Catching up with this trend, the labor market has created a new work method with standout benefits: Job Sharing.


According to


Techniques to Help Increase the Communication Between Your Employees

Communication is important in a workplace setting because people must interact with one another in ways that will get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible and in ways that will maintain the morale of the employees. Below are ways you should know to improve communication between your employees. There may be effective techniques

What do managers do to improve work environment?

The workplace is not only a senseless room with furniture and computers but a lively environment where everyone works and activities with full emotional and complex relationship. Improve the dynamics in the workplace environment not only helps you retain employees but also revitalize to the business of the company in general.

So, as an


How the customers evaluate Vietnam manpower?

Due to our professionalism, high quality services, client-centric approaches and timely delivery of human resources, we have got several Awards & Appreciations from our clients and we are getting such more. One of our received Certificate of Appreciations is:

"We are satisfied with their assistance and professional services and wish them all


Recruitment agencies wanted from Ghana

I have domestic manpower recruitment office here in Ghana.Am looking for a manpower recruitment agencies in the Middle East or Gulf countries,especially recruiter that can recruit strong energetic both skilled and unskilled,semi-skilled from Ghana here to any other countries based on contract sponsorship jobs.please contact or wassupp me

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