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Looking for a part-time job

I am a student at the university of Turku in the city of Turku, Finland. I am looking for any kind of part-time job. I am a fast learner and very sociable. I am good at respecting work hours and professional ethics.

Part-time jobs like: cleaning of any kind, security guard, newspaper distribution, or any other kind of part-time job is

Part-time home assistant

Foreign student here, currently residing in Espoo and available for a part time house work or administrative assistance from May to August. For housekeeping needs, I am especially offering my service to do light daily house chores like organizing your things, dusting/ wiping, tidying up the kitchen, folding and pressing laundry, emptying/ loading

Wants to work in Finland


My name is Edin Celebic, I'm 22 years old with 2 years of working expirience.Curently working in a surgery ward in a city hospital.Before that I worked as a psychiatric technitian.

Want to move to Finland and work there.If there is anything available please mail me.


ryuveda Nurses for Europe - On-the-Job-Training for BSc. MSc, PhD in Finland

We are seeking qualified & experienced Ayurveda practitioners

On-the-Job-Training Specification for Opportunities in Finland & Sweden for:

Medicare - Doctors (6), Nurses (30) 2012-2013.

1: Good command of English with clear Pronunciation, Accent

2: Basic command of Finnish / Swedish or willingness/ability to learn

3: Age 25-30 years

I need a urgent job

I need a job as soon as posible , any kind , in Turku.

i Speak english , Romanian and Finnish a bit .

contact me at : [deleted]

Need Job

i need a job in TURKU, doesnt matter what kind , i speak english and romanian and a little finnish .

mail me at [deleted]

Looking for work in Kemi


26-y-o Australian living in kemi looking for any type of work I can!!

Hard working, availability is 27/7 speaks English and a tiny bit of Finnish "still learning"

Hope there is someone out there that can help!!




searching for nursing job.

I studied nursing in my country Nigeria, my certificate has been acknowledged by Italian ministry of health and Italian nursing board after some series of exams, presently am in Italy working as a nurse i have indefinite working permit in Italy. But i will like to relocate to Finland, but i need to know the requirements needed before making any

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Video Thumb Nail

Looking for a summer job in finland(picking strawberries).

Q: What qualifications do you hold?

A: I have worked two times before in Finland picking strawberries and it has gone very well. I also have worked in Estonia every summer, I have picked strawberries and other stuff. If possible, i would like to work near to Helsinki.

Waiting for some answers,


Q: What

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