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while driving for my


Site Safety Mgr

Safety will and always will be


As I prepared to attend a fund raiser..

a July afternoon, the program was set. I was to be a bartender for a fundraiser for an arts center with a theme of "Party like it's 1939".


work or study in nc

hello friends...

this is shruti as of now in India.......

i ll b shifting to north carolina within next couple of months..

i hv completed my Bachelors in homoeopathy from a reputed college in baroda, gujarat, India..

i hv also done my M.D in alternative medicine from Calcutta.. i hv two years experience in homoeopathy.. also a

Horse Trainer/Rehabilitation

I'd like to hear from anyone in Chile who needs an expert in Founder* rehabilitation. Please visit my website for details. www.[deleted].com

Also train horses using natural methods.

*Laminitus, Navicular and rotated coffin bone. As well as other sundry problems with hoof

Richard Sessoms

Dressed in a casual but nice looking


Just Me

Hello Brad Carr Here adding this as to help any Unknowings


just me

This is me on the beach with my 2 dogs. i will not be moving with them, no


hawaiian tiki ..wish by my pool

hand carved tiki from palm wood..burnt for



hand woven rope hammock, rot and mildew resistant. tight weave to reduce fatige and its just plain


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