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Will tech industry will fight harassment? (UBER case)

Harassment is in the news again: a Presidential candidate, a famous comedian, and an untouchable news anchor. It's rampant and we in the tech industry are just as guilty of letting it happen.
Gender bias in hiring. Racial discrimination in funding. We are agile and adaptable, so how come we still tolerate harassment quietly? The more tech

Tech jobs: The most common reason people quit their $200,000 tech jobs

I don't think gender or race is the issue, but he characters or traits of a person will speak for themselves.

The work in Silicon Valley is so demanding to the point that it will drain your mental and physical health. Worse, it also take your time from your family. This is the reason why you see lots of younger and single people are working

Jobs: Calling stanford alumni,googlers and hackers

This is something that quite intriguing. It could be scam too. But for hackers this type of jobs is somewhat lucrative in nature. After all, the location even unknown other than being mentioned near Mountain View area which is Google headquarters. Aha! I smell something fishy

Search for legal help in your city

What we can claim with certainty is that you have an obligation to report all just in one city or country where you have a permanent residence application. So where were you born, where you have made the document. Where will you go to school or work, it is your own affair. I know, at least by us so that you only need to sign up residence at the

Depend on your residency

If your legal residency in NJ (based on your last 1040), then you need to file in NJ and not in Virginia.

Unemployment compensation is paid by federal and state government based on your last legal residency no matter where you work. Even if the business that you work for is in California, it only shows that you have to pay State of

There where is your legal residency

I would file it there where is your legal residency. There is the best and i think that all of your documents are there, you are in their files. Other place would be Virginia but i am not sure. No matter from which state is employer and where the business is stated.


My advice would be similar to the advice that you received so far. Certainly would recommend a Google search to sort out your problem. Or look for a solution to a counselor for your questions, so you do not come in an awkward situation. Good

State when you live.

I do not know how it is with you at all regulated, but it would be best to send all requests via email and someone will respond more, and give you instructions. Although in my opinion, competent to this question is the state in which you live. Because benefits are looking for are legal obligations of the state in which you live. I hope you will


the answer to this question can probably be found on the official websites for the unemployed in the countries you specify. there's probably a phone number or mail address to which you can ask a question. believes it is logical to apply as unemployed in the territory where your place of residence, or in New Jersey, if I understand correctly.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!

Snowflakes!! Time to get off your asses! There's jobs to be had!! New surplus construction company accepting applications for masons, haulers, and bricklayers. Apply at TrumpConstruction, San Ysidro,


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