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What are the most desired employee benefits?

Lots of businesses provide employee benefits and desirable packages to boost up productivity and retain good employees. But how effective are these benefits?
What is the most valued benefit in your opinion? Please share with us in the comment below.


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These following time management tips will help increase your work productivity by at least 40%

Have you ever wished that you could have more than 24 hours a day to handle all your work and personal stuff? You are not alone. A lot of people around us always find themselves busy at work with deadlines, plans, meetings, calls, emails, etc because they don't know key principles and techniques of time


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The World's Largest Employers

The biggest companies are not always the largest employers. But of course there are exceptions. Take Wal-Mart for example. Its parent company, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is the world's largest company and it is also the world's largest employer with more than 2,200,000 employees. The second largest employer is China Railway with over 2,045,600


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Job-hopping: Millennial's best economic trend (No, seriously)

Yup! They do not care about salaries anymore but opportunities to become better. Why? Because in this tight market, skills are much more important compared to money. When the mindset think that having a better skill will make more money eventually, millennial will make most of the job as a stepping stone to the next one until they find out that


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Why Intel's Job Cuts May Be Just the Beginning

The once-dominant chipmaker is cutting 12,000 workers, and several emerging technological trends may cause even more difficulty...

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Why Your Business Needs to Consider Blue Collar Worker Engagement

When discussing the importance of corporate culture, work environment and employee engagement, it usually refers to white collar jobs. It's a big shortcoming of management if employers don't take blue collar workers into account.
In the US, professionals and managers account for 40% of the workforce. The remaining (60%) belongs to other


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How to keep productive when you are in sleep deprivation

Most people need 7 to 9 hours every day to sleep. There is no doubt that sleep deprivation has a big impact to your job performance. Did you always see yourself need a cup of coffee to join the rest of society activities? You are not alone.
According to a recent survey of Inc., a third of US workers only sleep less than 6 hours per night


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How to Manage Conflict Among Employees

When people work together, conflict is inevitable. Employee dispute is not always bad thing if the leader can handle it well before it escalates to big war in the whole team or organization.

According to Zupek's report, HR managers spend 25-60% of their time working through employee conflicts. There are different ways to resolve conflict


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Stress at Work: Types and How to Eliminate them

Not all stress is the same and not one solution is given to all types of stress. Critically, there should effective ways to beat each and every symptom of work related stress that acts as the culprit to poor work performance and bad employee retention. As a stellar employer, you should have a tight grasp of those types of stress, why they arise


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How to deal with the Monday Blues?

If anyone was asked what the most - hated day of the week is, presumably the answer is Monday. Are you just nodding affirmatively? But what makes this day so unappealing?

Does the start of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, lack passion and motivation, or stress? Isn't it supposed to represent a new challenging week to


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