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The creative job recruitment ads to inspire you

To attract the best employees, the first thing to do is making them be attracted by your company. Your job description is listing down candidate's missions and job requirement? It would be true if you were in the 90s. The viral recruitment ads could make the differences and be a very powerful tool, which not only, in literally, advertise your


Stress at Work: Types and How to Eliminate them

Not all stress is the same and not one solution is given to all types of stress. Critically, there should effective ways to beat each and every symptom of work related stress that acts as the culprit to poor work performance and bad employee retention. As a stellar employer, you should have a tight grasp of those types of stress, why they arise


Looking for qualified and skilled welders from Vietnam? VMST is your best choice

Are you in need of skilled welders, but your budget doesn’t allow you to pay more?

Are you seeking out for unskilled welders who are willing to learn, diligent and responsible?

Are you looking for welding workers with hard work, high work ethics?

If so, they should be welding workers from VMST.

Vietnam welders that Vietnam Manpower


13 Must-Read Tips to Help Your Employees Manage Stress (Part 1)

Tips you should know to help your employees discuss recognize and handle well stress. By so doing, you can help improve their work productivity and maintain a resilient organization.

Productivity is related to human resources performance. Manpower performance has lots of things to do with the ability to deal with stress of life and work. A

10 challenges the employers have to face (Part 2)


VMST’s Construction workers create buildings out of their love for space, materials and the like

“To me, a building – if it’s beautiful – is the love of one man, he’s made it out of his love for space, materials, things like that.” (Martha Graham). Our construction workers are among those dedicated men.

As one of most trusted placement agencies, Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST) has been active in supplying a multitude


We don’t care where you have studied!

Have you ever done an interview in a meal? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or tea, all are great because employers will have plenty of time to observe future employees outside their office.

Why? Look at how they entered the restaurant, how they work with the staffs and how they deal with people around them. You probably never see their usual

10 sayings should be avoided in the workplace

Communication skills play a vital role in building a professional, confidence attitude in the workplace. Experts say that there are three important factors created the iconic leader of prominent individuals: How do they act? How do they look like? What do they say?

Maybe you do not know, but an accidentally few words will make you become

VMST Labor Services: Have Amazing Experience Partnering with Leading Headhunter Company in Vietnam

Vietnam Manpower Servicing & Trading Company (VMST) is famous as one of leading headhunter company in Vietnam. Its manpower services are diverse, from construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, agriculture, hospitality, and more. VMST has a strict recruitment process to filter out the most appropriate people that


How the customers evaluate Vietnam manpower?

Due to our professionalism, high quality services, client-centric approaches and timely delivery of human resources, we have got several Awards & Appreciations from our clients and we are getting such more. One of our received Certificate of Appreciations is:

“We are satisfied with their assistance and professional services and wish them all


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