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jop vacancy

Q: What type of job are you looking for?

A: agricultural jops

Q: What nationality are you?

A: ethiopian

Q: What languages do you speak (and at what level)?

A: I am speaking english @ amharic flowently

Q: What countries have you worked in?

A: ethiopia , dangla

Seeking for Job

I am Mustefa Teshome. I have graduated holding BA Degree in Business Management from Debre Birhan University in 2010 G.C. Now, I have four (4) years experince in Construction Enterprise out which 1 & half year is as Project "Procurement & Property admnistration Head.

"Please consider me for any position looking my education back grond &

Hostes and Environmntal protection officer

Q: Describe the benefits of working with others

A: To share experiances, to do effectvely and efflcency

Q: Hostes and environmtal protection officer

A: To share experiances, to do effectvely and efflcency

Q: What nationality are you?

A: Ethiopian

Q: What countries have you worked

A Gynacoligist,6 x-ray techinicians and 10 druggists are needed

Gynacoligist x-ray technicians and druggists are needed for private hospital in

Heakth professionals needed

Gynacoligist one General surgeon one radiographers

legal position/administarative assistant/ public relation officer

Q: What field do you currently work in?

A: WELL AM A LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE from Bahirdar university in 2011 G.c and

currently am working at Private Organizations Employees Social Security Agency(government institution)as a Junior legal expert.

Q: What type of job are you looking for?

A: am a very

Job Seeker

MY Name is Tariku Wakasa I do have BA Degree in Cooperative Marketing & Management with A GPA of 4.00 with a 1 & half year Exprience at Ethioteleco on the side of Customer Service Division, if there is a position that match to my field am really capable to perform with more


Ethiopia House Maids supply

Dear Sir

this is BW foreign private employment agency from Ethiopia. since its establishment the company have supplied workers to Saudi Arabia. right now we want partners from the gulf who want to cooperate with us with manpower especially from countries such as KUWAIT, JORDAN, QATAR, UAE, BAHRAIN. We hope the Ethiopian government will open the

job vaccance

I had graduated from Hawassa university by rural development and family science.i have 5 year NGO experience by different position(SFP, OTP and survey supervision) with emergence nutrition program and nutrition survey program in host community and refuge setting.

have auto driving licence

have auto driving
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Ethiopia (location) Index