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Stress at Work: Types and How to Eliminate them

Not all stress is the same and not one solution is given to all types of stress. Critically, there should effective ways to beat each and every symptom of work related stress that acts as the culprit to poor work performance and bad employee retention. As a stellar employer, you should have a tight grasp of those types of stress, why they arise


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How to deal with the Monday Blues?

If anyone was asked what the most - hated day of the week is, presumably the answer is Monday. Are you just nodding affirmatively? But what makes this day so unappealing?

Does the start of your workweek trigger overwhelming feelings of anxiety, lack passion and motivation, or stress? Isn't it supposed to represent a new challenging week to


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The best and worst cities to start a career

Although the intention of the article is simply to list down the best and worst cities to start your career, I am really not impressed with lists in general. I think this list makes it easier for people to decide where to work, but at the same time it undermines a person's ability to decide where to work and whats best for them, same way how they


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Businesses take pledge to have LGBT friendly employment

The LGBT community have been pushing for more reforms regarding the treatment of homosexual employees. For years, the issue has divided the nation but in recent years cases of abuse and bullying have fallen dramatically.

In Arkansas, businesses pledged to make workplace environment more friendly for members of the LGBT community. And although


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sumit for job

Q: What fields have you worked in before?

A: looking for people to help.

i already work myanmar and singapore

now, i hold singapore hse safety supervisor certificate and other...

i was done many type of jobs but i would like to work is to help people, to save our world, to make peace our wold.

before two year , i

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i am hafiz e quran and alim

and i did autocad and cvill drfmnship so pls can i job me

uk us ya uae pls

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need a full time housekeeper

Hello all interested I need a housekeeper to work for 3 years contract salary 200USD and all things provided food clothes etc, private room for her, we are family of 5 persons located in amman jordan, living in a small house 190square meters
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plant operator and simple mantainance

am good in morto grader, front loaders&crawlers n i can also do simple mantainance at the same time am good in driving, pannel beating and
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Video: Portland, Oregon Shipyard Worker Solidarity v.2

"Oregon Teacher Jobs"

In the 1980's Dillingham Ship Repair attempted to break the Unions at their Portland, Oregon Shipyard. Implementing a final offer that included a $5.00 per h.... .


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Video: Heartland of West Virginia - Charleston

"West Virginia Nurse Jobs"

What's it like to work at Heartland of West Virginia? Hear from staff at our Charleston location.. .


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Workplace Conditions Category Index - #jobs: